World Art Day Quotes and Wishes Messages, Sayings

April 15th is observed as World Art Day across the globe. This day is dedicated to fine arts and focuses on promoting creativity. Wish your family and friends with World Art Day greetings and short art slogans. Have catchy art slogans and art taglines shared with everyone to inspire them to be more creative and to be more active towards art. Share Happy World Art Day quotes with everyone around you to celebrate this day with love for art.

Here is the collection of World Art Day Wishes Messages, artists day messages, art taglines and catchy art slogans to share on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.

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World Art Day Wishes Messages

“Let us celebrate art on World Art Day. Let us bring out our creative sides and create some art on World Art Day. Warm wishes on this special day.”

“Art is one of the best ways to catharsis, it is the way to express your emotions and feelings through colours. Wishing a very Happy World Art Day.”

“A picture is worth a thousand words and emotions. Let us celebrate World Art Day with lots of vibrant colours that express us.

“There are two ways to communicate your feelings, one is by words and one is by art. Wishing a very Happy World Art Day.”

“We all are gifted with some form of art. We all are gifted with some kind of creativity. We just need to explore it. Happy World Art Day.”

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Happy World Art Day Quotes

“World Art Day motivates all of us to pick up sketch pencils or paint brushes to express ourselves on canvas. Warm wishes on this special day.”

“Art is not about what you see but it is about what you want other people to see in what you paint. Happy World Art Day.”

“There is no end to creativity and art. Let us celebrate World Art Day by using art as the way to express ourselves to the world.

“There is nothing more relieving than the freedom to paint what you want, what you like. Wishing a very Happy World Art Day.”

“Let the artist inside you come out and help you relieve your emotions and feelings using art. Have a wonderful World Art Day.”

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Catchy Art Slogans and Taglines

You need to be courageous to be able to paint.

Art is never ever created while thinking about it.

When work and love meet, art is born.

Art is catharsis.

Art always makes you a better person.

You have to be sensitive to be an artist.

Never be afraid to draw if you don’t have an eraser.

Be confident that you can paint.

You can never paint in fear.

Every great artist was once an amateur.

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